Artist's Commentary

Though I do not have a particularly strong political background, I do have strong political views. The enlightened purpose of the carnivalesque arcade of art captures the intensity of what is often made trivial by political activity.

The presidential candidate debates tout lofty goals but they are not a perfect in execution. To profit from a debate, one must take into account their intended purpose. What are political debates? They are an exchange of arguments and proofs intended to convince the electorate of the superiority of a candidate. But we are often exposed to discordant sounds, masked by deft blows delivered by the softened mallets of political expediencies.

The candidate exchanges are rapid-fire. Deliverers and recipients must be on their toes. The listener insight needed to follow the proof is simply the fact that just because something can be said, it doesn't follow that the debater actually means and thinks it. One can mistakenly suppose that something is true because the debaters say it is possible. But as the contemporary philosopher Dean and Professor Stanley Bates has said, "You can say anything; but not everything you say makes any sense.

Ethel Lebenkoff